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Integrity Dig Programs


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Key Advantage:

Enhanced Accuracy and Decision-Making
Cost Savings and Efficiency
Improved Project Management
Minimized Risks and Downtime
Strengthened Spill Prevention Measures
Project: Integrity Dig Program
Dates: 2023



Our client, a leading pipeline company, faced significant challenges in their integrity dig program in British Columbia. They struggled to obtain accurate and reliable desktop information needed to execute the land and permitting scope of their projects effectively. The absence of precise data hindered their decision-making process and resulted in delays and inefficiencies that led to increased project costs.


To address our clients challenges, Caltech offered their expertise and comprehensive mapping solutions. Caltech’s team worked closely with our clients team to understand their specific requirements and designed a tailored mapping solution for their integrity dig program in British Columbia.

Caltech delivered integrity dig desktop access mapping, which included crucial information such as dig site access, identification of third-party crossings, road use, and temporary work space acreage. Leveraging advanced mapping technologies and methodologies, Caltech ensured the accuracy and reliability of the data provided, empowering our client with actionable insights to make informed decisions.


The partnership between our client and the Caltech team on this integrity survey project yielded significant results and benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Decision-Making: Caltech’s mapping solution provided our client with precise and reliable desktop information. This accuracy enabled our client to execute the land and permitting scope of their integrity dig projects with confidence and make informed decisions, leading to improved project outcomes.
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: By adopting Caltech’s desktop-based approach, our client experienced significant cost savings. The elimination of extensive fieldwork and manual data collection reduced resource requirements and expenses. The streamlined process resulted in improved operational efficiency and reduced project timelines.
  • Improved Project Management: Caltech’s mapping solution allowed our client to manage their integrity dig projects more effectively. With comprehensive desktop access mapping, our client could plan and allocate resources efficiently, resulting in optimized project management and resource utilization.
  • Minimized Risks and Downtime: The accurate and reliable data provided by Caltech reduced risks associated with incomplete or inaccurate information. Our client experienced minimized downtime by accessing up-to-date data, ensuring uninterrupted progress on their integrity dig projects and minimizing disruptions.
  • Strengthened Spill Prevention Measures: Our clients primary goal is to prevent spills. With Caltech’s mapping solution, our client enhanced their spill prevention measures. Accurate and reliable data enabled them to identify potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them, strengthening the safety and reliability of their pipeline network.

The partnership between our client with our team in their integrity dig program in British Columbia showcased the effectiveness of Caltech’s tailored mapping solutions. By overcoming our clients challenges in obtaining accurate desktop information, Caltech empowered our client to make informed decisions, optimize project management, and strengthen their spill prevention measures.


Through enhanced accuracy, cost savings, improved efficiency, minimized risks, and strengthened spill prevention measures, Caltech’s mapping solution has proven invaluable. The success of this partnership demonstrates the value of Caltech’s services in overcoming common challenges faced by pipeline companies and achieving their project goals effectively and efficiently.