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Navigating Geohazard Mitigation


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Key Advantage:

Tailored Strategies
Cost Savings
Comprehensive Solutions
Exceeded Industry Standards
Competitive Edge
Project: Depth of Cover Survey
Dates: 2022



The project aimed to address geohazard risk mitigation strategies at pipeline water crossings mandated by the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) and Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Our oil and gas client faced the challenge of implementing these strategies effectively and sought assistance to overcome the complexities involved.

Our client was uncertain about the best approach to implementing geohazard risk mitigation strategies at five different pipeline water crossing sites. They required the expertise and resources to develop a complete solution that would comply with regulatory requirements while optimizing return on investment for their assets, with minimal benchmark data to work from.


Recognizing our clients challenges, Caltech stepped in as a trusted partner to provide game-changing solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies, we devised a complete approach to geohazard risk mitigation at their pipeline water crossing sites. By collaborating closely with our clients engineering teams, our team tailored a project strategy that not only met regulatory requirements but also maximized efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

+ Cost Savings and Efficiency: Our expert team integrated aerial mapping, bathymetric surveying, ground-based data acquisition, and change detection analysis. We harnessed the power of Lidar technology and advanced mapping techniques to significantly reduce field data acquisition timelines, saving our client precious time and resources.

+ Quality and Accuracy: Our dedication to accuracy and quality set our solution apart. We implemented accurate measures to ensure that the aerial lidar and imagery data we provided surpassed industry standards, delivering results with outstanding precision. Particularly crucial along the shoreline, where traditional survey methods face challenges due to steep terrain. Our advanced aerial mapping technology enabled us to capture data safely and efficiently, overcoming these obstacles. Our client could confidently rely on our detailed multi-disciplinary surveying


Through Caltech’s comprehensive solutions, our client successfully tackled the challenge of implementing geohazard risk mitigation strategies at their pipeline water crossings. Our expertise and resources empowered them to navigate the complexities involved, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while optimizing return on investment.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: We took a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging advanced technologies and deep knowledge, which led to remarkable results for our client. By integrating geospatial solutions such as aerial mapping to capture the pipeline right of way and surrounding areas, bathymetry to analyze the upstream and downstream for drainage, as well as incorporating ground-based data acquisition and change detection analysis, we significantly expedited the project timeline, saving valuable time and resources. Thanks to our efficient approach, what used to take weeks with traditional survey methods now only took days.
  • Trusted Data: Our commitment to accuracy and quality provided our client with dependable data they could trust. The aerial lidar and imagery data exceeded industry standards, demonstrating exceptional precision and reliability. Through detailed surveying methods using state-of-the-art RTK-GNSS and robotic total station technology, we ensured the highest level of accuracy in the field. This delivered high-quality benchmark data that our client can use for future risk mitigation comparisons.
  • Competitive Advantage: Our client successfully implemented geohazard risk mitigation strategies, achieving compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring the safety and integrity of their infrastructure. They gained a competitive advantage in their industry, equipped with comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs.

By choosing Caltech as their trusted partner, our client experienced the seamless integration of expertise, technology, and innovation. Our solutions not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned them for long-term success in geohazard risk mitigation. Trust Caltech to elevate your projects, and witness the transformative results that set you apart in the industry.


Trust Caltech to elevate your projects, and witness the transformative results that set you apart in the industry.