Caltech has spent the last 30+ years becoming Western Canada’s go-to company for geomatics services. Our team of  specialists will help you realize your project goals while guiding you through regulatory approvals, legislation, and technical requirements.

Natural Resources

Caltech provides surveying, geospatial and GIS services for a wide range of mining and other natural resources projects. Our team provides customized options for every stage of the project—from exploration to extraction, transportation and remediation.

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Mining Services

Caltech provides a range of surveying, GIS and Geospatial services to support the mining industry. Typical services include supporting Environmental Assessment plans and regulatory approvals, as well as boundary staking, surface lease surveys, terrain modelling and open-pit mine surveying. Our work is customized for every stage of the project life cycle, ensuring we guide our clients to the best possible outcomes. Our experience encompasses a wide range of resources, including lithium, helium, geothermal, potash and uranium.

Whether you have a potash project in Saskatchewan that needs requires specific solutions or you are doing underground exploration, Caltech has the expertise and services you need.

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Natural Resources

The Caltech Advantage ensures our work is accurate, efficient and safe, respecting our project partners, the environment and the communities we serve.