Caltech has spent the last 30+ years becoming Western Canada’s go-to company for geomatics services. Our team of  specialists will help you realize your project goals while guiding you through regulatory approvals, legislation, and technical requirements.

Our history

Caltech has become a key player in Western Canada’s geomatics community since our inception in 1990. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, with accurate and timely results that benefit clients across all fields and sectors. From oil and gas surveys to mobile mapping services, and everything in between, the Caltech team is proud of our past and excited about our future.

The Caltech family has grown from our two founders to a team of more than 225 today.  While their responsibilities cross the full spectrum of geomatics servicing—from engineers and surveyors to administrators and technology experts—one thing remains the same: our commitment to delivering the Caltech Advantage.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

The Caltech Advantage ensures our work is accurate, efficient and safe, respecting our project partners, the environment and the communities we serve.