Caltech has spent the last 30+ years becoming Western Canada’s go-to company for geomatics services. Our team of  specialists will help you realize your project goals while guiding you through regulatory approvals, legislation, and technical requirements.

As a leader in geospatial services in western Canada, our expert team of engineers, mapping scientists and technologists provides powerful, actionable data to our clients.

About geospatial services

With access to the latest geospatial technology, including lidar and digital mapping, Caltech provides clients with efficient and accurate results, as well as enhancing safety by using remotely sensed data collection strategies.

Caltech’s Geospatial team includes professional engineers, technologists, and mapping scientists who are industry leaders in aerial and terrestrial mobile mapping, static terrestrial laser scanning, photogrammetry, and remote sensing methodologies. 

Our clients:

+ Oil and Gas

+ Utilities

+ Natural Resources

+ Infrastructure

+ Municipal

Geospatial services

+ Aerial mapping
+ Mobile mapping
+ Digital mapping
+ Laser scanning & scan-to-BIM
+ Photogrammetry & reality capture
+ UAV / RPAS / drone and helicopter
+ Hydrographic surveying
+ Lidar

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With our team of more than 150 geomatics and technical experts, the services you need are right at your fingertips.

The Caltech Advantage ensures our work is accurate, efficient and safe, respecting our project partners, the environment and the communities we serve.