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Laser Scanning Services

How imagery and high-accuracy 3D scans help simplify our clients’ design processes.

To enhance the design, fabrication, and installation of new piping, structural steel, and equipment, Caltech regularly creates high-definition 3D digital as-builts of facilities.

These 3D as-builts provide our clients with a digital representation of the current state of their facilities. 

The main goal for our clients is to have highly detailed 3D representations of the current state of their facilities, providing the ability to view the data in a virtual platform to simplify the maintenance design process with various stakeholders. The Caltech Advantage allows our clients to exceed project requirements within budget and dramatically reduce the number of field visits. Trust in the integrity of your construction projects with Caltech’s laser scanning services and achieve successful outcomes that meet the highest standards.


Multiple days and field visits would be needed to survey the facility using conventional surveying methods or less efficient laser scanners. Traditional coordinate tables are replaced with comprehensive 3D coverage of facilities, equipment, and buildings. Remote projects can be accessed anywhere at any time by anyone involved in the project.

Caltech’s solution

By utilizing our FARO Premium Laser Scanners, Caltech can complete the project in a fraction of the time and provide high-accuracy deliverables. We combine the imagery and point cloud with site plans, 3D models, and ortho imagery and share them in a secure online web-based viewing platform. This provides a collaborative interface for multiple stakeholders, including the Building Information Model (BIM) / Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) designers and engineers, asset owners, and the contractors hired to construct and install the new facility additions. In addition to the laser scanning services, Caltech provides control surveys to verify the quality and accuracy of the scans. 

Later, the control surveys are used in the project’s construction phase to complete pile and grid line layouts or the layout of additional control points. 

The technology selected for this project was the appropriate choice due to its speed and accuracy. These services can also be used on any as-built project, including:

+ Structural

+ Architectural

+ Mechanical

+ Electrical

+ Plumbing/Piping

These approaches are all part of what makes Caltech one of the best surveying companies to work for. And it’s all part of the Caltech Advantage — choose our laser scanning services for your project today!