Caltech has spent the last 30+ years becoming Western Canada’s go-to company for geomatics services. Our team of  specialists will help you realize your project goals while guiding you through regulatory approvals, legislation, and technical requirements.

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Meet the team

Leadership team

Jade McLeod SLS, CLS, MLS, P.Surv.


Danny Chiarastella CPA, CA

Vice President, Finance

Travis Wolfe SLS, P.Surv.

Vice President, Operations

Sarah Goddard

Vice President, Human Resources

Kent Sharp

Vice President, Technology and Innovation

Rory Brown

Vice President, Business Development

Department leads


QHSE Manager

Ben Hebert

Business Development Manager

Chelsea Dodd

Human Resources Manager

Andrea O’Malley

Director, Marketing & Communications

Cody Vogt

Production Development & Innovation Mgr

Chris Reid

Production Manager

Kerry Vivian

Manager, Operational Excellence


Jason DaCosta

Director, Midstream

Phil Carn

Project Manager

Scott Condon

Project Manager

Geospatial & GIS

Evan Edwards

Manager, GIS Development

Greg Stamnes, AScT, CMS

Geospatial Manager

Ryan Burke, P.Eng.

Project Manager

Tracey Skretting

GIS Manager

British Columbia

Andrew Moody, BCLS

Operations Director, British Columbia

Joshua Brown, BCLS

Project Manager


Jason Attwood, ALS, P.Surv.

Operations Director, Alberta

Michael Louie, ALS, P.Surv., P.Eng.

Calgary Branch Manager

Paul Deering, ALS, P.Surv.

Project Manager

Kelly Kearns

Project Manager


Kim Borgford, SLS, P.Surv.

Operations Director, Saskatchewan

Marty Del Frari

Branch Manager, Unity

Dustin Dykstra, SLS, P.Surv.

Project Manager

Albert Power

Project Manager

Trent Wahl, SLS, P.Surv.

Project Manager

Trent Schiissler

Project Manager

Kent Headrick, SLS, P.Surv.

Project Manager


Brendan Wood, MLS

Operations Director, Manitoba

Derek Arthur, MLS

Project Manager

Craig Rinn

Project Manager

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