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Surveyor of the Year Award

We celebrate employees who go above and beyond.

In 2022, Caltech rolled out a Surveyor of the Year Award as part of our employee recognition program. This annual award is in addition to the Surveyor of the Month Award we’ve had in place for some time. These awards have been created to celebrate and recognize exceptional employees who make remarkable contributions to the team.

The outstanding calibre of those individuals nominated by their fellow team members highlights our industry’s incredible talent and exceptional commitment to excellence.

The Surveyor of the Year Award for 2022 was presented to Jackson Dauk, Field and Equipment Manager. Congratulating Jackson on his award, our President Jade McLeod noted that Jackson has been instrumental to both Caltech’s operations and the support of our growth. “Jackson is a guy who rolls up his sleeves and helps where help is needed,” Jade added.


Thank you to our 2022 Surveyor of the Month recipients for your excellent performance, commitment, and dedication throughout the year.

November – Kristin Barrett

December: Craig MacDougall

January: Tracey Skretting

February: Greg Combres

March: Dan Schurman

April: Jackson Dauk

May: Chris Sloboda

June: Ashley Colquhoun

July: Cara Kirkham

August: Dwayne Barmettler

September: Chris Reid

October: Kayla Morrice

These awards are all well deserved!