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Pipeline Aerial Mobile Mapping



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Client: Macro Industries
Project: NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd (NGTL) Deep Valley South and Colt Pipeline Expansion
Dates: June 2021

Client Challenges:

+ Client required critical terrain data for a pipeline route of 40 km.
+ The route covered remote, difficult to access terrain, steep slopes, swamps, and water crossings.
+ The data needed to be collected and turned around prior to the short construction season.
+ Weather in the area was unstable with fog and low cloud ceiling making visibility difficult.
+ Remoteness of area lacked airports and places for helicopter fuel.

Caltech solved the challenges faced in this situation with the provision of a helicopter-based survey to collect lidar and 3-band color imagery. This allowed for an accurate, quick, and safe full coverage right of way (ROW) survey with no disruptions to the ongoing construction activities.

Caltech’s scope of work included the data collection of the remote pipeline route. Thorough pre-planning included flight line design, field crew optimization, and fuel cache placements resulting in data collection being completed in a single day.

This ongoing construction project had an existing ground level survey control network. For future construction it was important that the surveying and mapping data was referenced to the existing survey control. A ground-based survey was performed where Caltech field crews located and verified the existing control to be referenced for the airborne survey. Additionally, field survey crews surveyed Quality Assurance (QA) check points to be used to verify the aerial mapping products accuracies to fall within project specifications. The verification was performed following the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) standards and a full post-survey report was provided to the client.

Caltech delivered ground classified lidar point clouds and high resolution orthorectified imagery within 2 weeks of data collection. GIS ready data was provided to the client to allow for import and integration with their existing database.

Our aerial mapping services collect data in the challenging terrains, providing accurate, cost-effective, safe and speedy results every time.


Caltech provided Macro with an important dataset. The digital terrain representation of the pipeline ROW was utilized by Macro for a variety of applications including problem solving, monitoring vegetation and other possible obstructions. Documentation and external communication, predictive analysis of high risk regions, slope instability and slope monitoring was also completed as a result of the critical data that was collected by Caltech.

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