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Caltech supports students interested in geomatics careers

One of Caltech’s Core Values is Doing The Right Thing, and we’re happy to say that principle can be seen across our operations.  It was definitely in evidence with a recent initiative in Fort St. John that aims to open doors for young people who are exploring the possibility of future careers in the energy sector.

Creating Energy is a program in Fort St. John that gives high school students an opportunity to see what the various oil and gas businesses in the area do on a daily basis.  The program was created by Rumble Industries to help give students some first-hand insights in what it is like to work in the sector. Partners including the local North Peace Secondary School, Roy Northern, Technation Electric and Controls Ltd., and corporate volunteers like Caltech joined Rumble to help establish the program.

Andrew Moody, Caltech’s Branch Manager in Fort St. John, spearheaded Caltech’s involvement with Creating Energy, including making a presentation to the 50 students who expressed interest in the program. Eight of those students requested a chance to explore Fort St. John surveyor jobs with Caltech, and eventually four were included in the week-long job shadowing opportunity.  All of the students had an opportunity to see first-hand the work land surveyors, GIS, and geospatial experts do in a typical week, exploring the potential benefits of doing work like oil and gas surveys and construction surveys.

“We had a very successful week with the Creating Energy program, and this is due to the efforts put forth by many people on the Caltech team,” Andrew says. “Whether it was helping ensure that the students were on track with safety or field supervisors working with the students to show them what land surveying jobs are all about, the Caltech staff involved made all of us proud.”

This program will become an annual event in Fort St. John, with the support of companies like Caltech.  “From my conversations with students, they really appreciated all your efforts,” said Louis Vaccaro, a Youth Work in Trades Teacher from North Peace Secondary School. “Many were surprised to discover aspects of jobs they never even knew existed. You have played an important role in opening doors for them.”

Caltech is no stranger to giving young people an opportunity to explore a career in geomatics and regularly attends recruiting events at Canadian schools to share the great things about land surveying jobs. If you are interested in learning more about these career development initiatives, please email or check out land surveying jobs here.

When all was said and done, one of the four students involved in the program with Caltech even expressed an interest in building a career with us after graduation after being inspired by the potential of a future as a Fort St. John surveyor. “At Caltech, we love what we do, and this program is an excellent opportunity to share that passion with young people,” Andrew adds. “We can’t wait to work with them again next year.”