Caltech has spent the last 30+ years becoming Western Canada’s go-to company for geomatics services. Our team of  specialists will help you realize your project goals while guiding you through regulatory approvals, legislation, and technical requirements.

Caltech celebrates 33 years in business!


In celebration of our 33rd anniversary today, we asked team members to tell us in a few short words what Caltech means to them.

At Caltech, our people are our greatest strength. We strive to make everyone feel challenged, excited, and accepted every single day they show up to work. Without each and every single Caltech team member, Caltech would not be the incredible place it is today.
Cheers to an incredible 33 years, and here’s to many more!


Working at Caltech inspires me to appreciate the importance of precision and accuracy and to recognize the vital role that land surveying plays in shaping the world around us.
–         Derek Bannon

The ability to fulfill my dream and work remotely for the winter – Colombia 2023.
–         James Bartolf

Caltech means integrity, stability, and consistency. The Team has changed over the years as people come and go, but the core fundamental idea of everyone working with integrity has always remained. The Team is always there to help you; we can get any job done together.
–         John Becker

Caltech has always been a place that feels like a big family. You might not always get along, but you’re there for each other.
–         Gil Borgford

Caltech means quality work, an incredible team, and support – for its employees, our communities, and our clients.
–         Dawn Boxall

Caltech provides me with the opportunity to be innovative in a collaborative environment.
–         Ryan Burke

Caltech means a rewarding career full of opportunity and a great team!
–         Ashley Colquhoun

Work hard, play hard!
–         Jackson Dauk

Caltech provides the elusive triple-triple: a great team, a great client base, and a great career – all with three times the satisfaction.
–         Paul Deering

At Caltech, it is not just a team; it’s a family. I have been a part of the Caltech community for over a year. During this time, no matter what adversity occurred, they gave their full support and understanding to the situation. Working at Caltech allowed me to have good relationships with management and coworkers. It’s a pleasure to work with Caltech!
–         Sebastien Emond

Caltech provides an excellent work-life balance, flexibility, and coworkers who I call friends.
–         Derek Guy

To me, Caltech is a company of building blocks within its walls. It is a place where there is always opportunity through cross training which gives the ability to better your skills. It is the great people within the whole company that make it happen.
–         Elara Jack

I love working for Caltech because it is a great group of people to work with.
–         Melissa Langen

When I think of Caltech, I think of a strong brand and an even stronger community. A sense of belonging joins us; we perform better because we have the social ties that unite us, and we are diverse not only in the services that we offer our clients but in the talent that represents the company.
–         Nicole Le

A place where Champions/The Best of the Best work.
–         Kent Linder

3R’s: Reliable, Reputable, and Respected
–         Michael Louie

I haven’t been at Caltech long, but we’ve grown a lot in the time I have. Caltech is innovative, cares for its employees, and is charitable in the communities it works in. It’s great to be part of the Team. Keep Playing to win! Congrats on 33 years. Here’s to a bright future.
–         Brent MacKenzie

To me, Caltech is a family of professionals constantly collaborating to provide a quality service for our clients.
–         Andrew Moody

Caltech means opportunity.  The opportunity to learn new skills, challenge yourself, build a team, make a difference, and be a part of a genuine company building a solid footprint.
–         Andrea O’Malley

Caltech, to me, means family. The people I work the closest with make coming to work everyday worth it.
–         Linda Petrin

Caltech means team, a group that can collaborate to take on any challenges together.
–         Craig Rinn

Impactful work, teamwork, and growth opportunities.
–         Dan Schurman

Caltech means growth and innovation.
–         Tracey Skretting

Caltech means having a good work-life balance and enjoying my day-to-day due to having fun and supportive colleagues who care about each other’s success and well-being.
–         Tasia Smith